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Is there a way to remove stretch marks?

I am a 28 year old female who has stretch marks on her hips. Is there a way to remove stretch marks?

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Surgical excision, microneedling, fractional laser, and plasma pen are all modalities that we use to treat stretch marks and minimize their appearance.
We do have a radio frequency machine that helps camouflage them.
The best way to think of stretch marks is that they are truly scars in the skin. So, the answer is (most of the time, NO). However, if the stretch marks exist within an area of the body that is amenable to surgical excision of skin in that area (lower abdomen for example) then the stretch marks can be excised and completely eliminated.
Stretch marks, once they appear can not be removed however the ski discoloration can be improved. Also the appearance can be improved by using radio frequency equipment such as Bodytite by Inmode
Non-surgical removal of stretch marks is one of those "holy grails" in plastic surgery. So far, no device, cream, medication, or other non-surgical modality has been shown to remove stretch marks. Lasers have been a disappointment. Thus, the only sure solution is to remove the skin that has the stretch marks. In the abdomen, this would be an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, on the arms a brachioplasty or arm tuck, etc. If the problem is on the hips alone, surgery for this would be "iffy" and you would have the scars of the surgery and limited ability to but out skin. Sorry I cannot be more encouraging. 


Richard T. Bosshardt, MD, FACS
There are many options available to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. However, before choosing any of these methods creams or surgery, you should consult a trained professional about your particular issues to see which choice will be right for you. Also, understand there’s a possibility your stretch marks may not disappear completely after these treatment. If you have questions or concerns about treatment or potential side effects, schedule a visit with a dermatologist.
The only way we can remove stretch marks is through a skin removal surgery. Usually a tummy tuck will get rid of stretch marks on the tummy area, below the belly button. As far as stretch marks on the hips, there isn't a great option out there. People will try to sell you creams and all kinds of treatments/laser procedures but nothing really works unless you remove them all together. Hope this helps!