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Is this normal after acupuncture?

I had acupuncture done on my lower back today and every since it almost feels like i have taken a muscle relaxer or something i feel kind of out of it is this normal?

Female | 29 years old

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Yes, we call it acu-stoned. Enjoy the feeling of being relaxed. It's good for you. Just pay attention to the other cars on your way home and get home safely.
We (some class mates and I) coined the term "Acufunktified" in school to describe this feeling. It is a bit like being mildly high on relaxing drugs. Yes, this is a normal and common after effect feeling. Your practitioner should have instructed you to relax afterwards.
It is common to feel very relaxed after acupuncture especially in the same day. You should feel right as rain tomorrow. If you still feel out of it tomorrow I would say the treatment was probably a little too strong for you. Perhaps they used too many needles for too long, or they may have used too much estim. It's important to go to a Licensed Acupuncturist and not to medical acupuncture as they may not understand that your constitution can not handle such strong stimulation.
Yes, this sometimes happens. If you can take a nap, if that is not feasible then drink a class of water to ground you. Next time tell your acupuncturist this happened. They may need to shorten the amount of time the needles are retained. Drinking water after a treatment usually helps with this. Also, rubbing Kidney-1 on the bottom of the foot helps.
Yes. Acupuncture causes your body to release endorphins, your natural pain killer hormones. Very normal.
It is abnormal. If you got a so-so doctor, it can harm you.
Drink a lot of water and eat something. It sounds like you make have been dealing with low blood sugar after the session.
If you mean you are feeling relaxed in the lower back after the acupuncture treatment, then yes, that is a most likely outcome. Usually after an acupuncture session, one might feel "subdued," as many of my patients have claimed. Most likely you had a very good treatment and will have relief for quite a few days if not longer.

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This can be a normal response. The ‘out of it’ feeling should pass rather quickly, leaving you relaxed and out of pain. This is a good time to take it easy, drink lots of water and care for your body. Regular treatments will increase your body’s health so you do not feel so out of it after future sessions.

After treatment, people might feel their muscles are relaxed and painless. If that is what you are feeling, this is a good result. If you feel no strength at all, please call your acupuncturist ASAP.


Huan Wen Jonathan Fang
Yes, acupuncture has the ability to cause deep mentally as wells as physical relaxation/sedation. It is more significant for 10% of patients who get acupuncture for the first acupuncture.

There are several feelings after an acupuncture treatment. One is to relax you and release tension from your body. If you have any other questions, please contact your acupuncturist.

Thanks for this question as it comes up a lot in practice. After receiving acupuncture patients may feel a variety of different sensations and feelings, from feeling energized to very drained/fatigue and what you mention as feeling like you've taken a muscle relaxer, some may liken it to feeling like they drank alcohol or smoked cannabis. This reaction is completely normal and it tends to be more significant and noticeable with a person's first few treatments then is less significant. This feeling is due to the dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins that the body releases during treatments, also the balancing of the energetic properties of the body, mind and spirit contribute to this feeling. As always, it's best to listen to your body and take it easy if need be (if you're able), and plan for a little recovery window if you notice this happens frequently for you. Drink plenty of water and enjoy the decrease in pain!

Dr. Kim Peirano, DACM LAc
That is absolutely normal and expected, especially if you had developed a lot of muscle tension. Acupuncture increases the production of serotonin and dopamine which creates the sleepy, go-with-the-flow feeling afterwards. This improves the circulation of blood, energy and other fluids around the body, ultimately improving general health and wellbeing.
Everyone's experience is different, and all acupuncturists treat differently as well. But generally speaking, yes it is normal. You should feel very relaxed and very loose. Some describe having a euphoric feeling for the day after treatment.
Yes, it's normal. Acupuncture will help your body releasing endorphins, you'll feel relaxed and pain reduced after treatment.
It is perfectly normal
What you're describing is fairly typical and usually doesn't last more than a few hours post treatment. The best suggestion I have is to get something to eat and, if possible, take a short nap.

Usually this effect is not as bad by the second or third treatment. To prevent recurrence, try to make sure you have a little something on your stomach (small meal or light snack) just prior to or just after your session.

One of the things acupuncture does is stimulate the "rest and digest" portion of the nervous system. This typically has the effect of calming people down and can sometimes result in grogginess. If a patient happens to be a classic "Type A" personality, this move towards the middle can be a little uncomfortable.
It is. While most people feel relaxed after treatment, sometimes you can feel fatigued and lethargic. This is typical after a rigorus or intense treatment. All it means is that you need rest so don't worry! Once you get the rest you need you'll be feeling better.
After an acupuncture treatment, it is normal to have less tension in the muscles. It usually recommended to rest after a treatment and to avoid any strenuous activities that might interfere with the treatment. Feeling relaxed is normal.