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Is vaginitis possible without vaginal discharge?

I think I have symptoms of vaginitis, like itchiness and irritation, but I don't have any abnormal discharge. Does vaginitis usually have vaginal discharge?

6 Answers

Yes, it is possible, but most of the time the discharge changes the color and consistency.
Yes you can have an infection without noticing a discharge which is not uncommon with a yeast infection. See a gynecologist if your symptoms persist.
YES, one could have vaginitis without discharge, especially in fungal infections.
Yes. Often yeast is too thick to discharge.
Usually you do have a discharge but sometimes you may have irritation and itching preceding the discharge
Vaginitis (inflammation/irritation of the vagina) and vaginal infections like bacterial vaginosis (BV) or yeast vaginitis can occur without vaginal discharge.
If you have itchiness and irritation, it's best to see your provider to find out if there is an infection and get treatment for your symptoms.
Hope this helps!