Pediatrician Questions Breathing issues

My baby makes a whistling sound when sleeping. What does it mean?

My baby is 3 months old and I have been observing a sleeping sound that comes when she breathes while sleeping that sounds like a whistle. What does this sound indicate and is it serious?

5 Answers

This is caused nose asthma. A little mucus in the nose partially blocks the nasal passage and causes the sound, Try saline nose drops and gentle suction and repositioning
It is because of upper airway obstetrics from either enlarged adenoids and positional. If baby has no respiratory distress, nothing to worry about.
It is coming from the nose. Use saline drops prior to sleep. Also, use a humidifier.
I would speak to your physician and videotape it. Likely benign, but worth a discussion.
It may be a narrowing of the upper airways due to obstruction or allergy. A workup is essential.