Cardiologist Questions Chest Pain

How can I manage chest pain arising due to coughing?

I have just recovered from a cold, cough and flu that lasted for close to 2 weeks. The coughing during this period had become very severe. Although the illness has subsided, the cough still persists. While I cough the chest seems to become heavy and i can sense a pain in my chest. Is this normal? Are there ways in which i can manage this well?

5 Answers

Unfortunately, that area is inflamed from the bad cough and it will take sometimes months to recover. There is really not much you can do. Drinking hot tea or hot drinks makes it feel better, but you just have to wait until inflammation is resolved.
Need to see your pr care dr. May need to order a chest X-ray.
Pain with coughing is usually due to muscle or tendon strain in the chest wall. However, it can also be due to a fracture of a rib which sometimes happens in people who have strenuous coughing. But you could also have infection around the lung or other serious problems. You should see your doctor to help you evaluate any chest pain to make sure its not something more serious.
The pain is from airway irratation cold and flu remedies may help and non steroidal anti inflammatory, but if persists much beyond (2 weeks) a cold would see your DR
See your doctor, to make sure that you do not have mild constriction of the airways, in that case, you would be given a bronchodilator. Occasionally, people crack ribs after coughing. Would be good to know.