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What are the most common side effects of a tumor removal?

What are the possible risks and side effects of a tumor removal? My friend has a tumor on her located on her stomach, and while it's not cancerous, doctors would like to remove it before it gets larger.

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I have removed a lot of benign tumors from the abdominal area and they all did very fine. When you are dealing with a non-cancerous tumor, it is simple. Your friend just needs to do what the doctor says to do.

I wish your friend well,

Good idea! No one should be walking around with a known tumor in any part of the body. Cancer is so common that you cannot afford to neglect them. There is always a risk in having stomach surgery with associated anesthesia side effects/complications.

Risks: Death, anastamotic leak, infection of the wound, bleeding from the site, and narrowing of outlet due to scarring are the common ones. Side effects depend on the type of surgery for the tumor and then reconstruction:

a) No side effects noteworthy b) Narrowing of the "joints" c) Anemia and other nutritional problems, like weight loss d) DVT of the leg veins if not ambulated early
Obviously the usual side effects of a major surgical procedure. In addition it will be more difficult to eat large volumes of food at one time. Usually small feedings will solve the problem and in adequate nutrition is possible.
need more information, is it on the skin or a growth in the stomach itself, if part of the stomach is removed there may be some digestive issues in the beginning but they should resolve, it depends how much stomach is removed
If it’s the abdominal wall, there are very few side effects.
The stomach is a very pliable organ and removing portions of it have relatively minor consequences. In fact, we remove parts of the stomach all the time as part of standard weight loss operations. I presume your friend will not need that much of her stomach removed.

It is very common after these operations for patient's to lose their appetite and feel full quickly after eating small amounts, especially initially after surgery. Most patients may lose 10-15 lbs. That being said, as the body adapts, eating habits and appetites return to normal and the weight is regained.