Naturopathic Physician Questions Allergies

I have a typical sinus allergy. How can naturopathy help?

I have a typical sinus allergy because of the amount of pollen in the air. Can naturopathic medicine help me?

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Allergies are immunological disorientations that can be treated very well with substances of natural origin, since they act directly in your biology so the synergy that is established is very noble, the same bee pollen can be used as a "vaccine" so that organism can recognize it and does not respond with its allergic alterations, if you suffer allergy to pollen, probably also to other elements, you have to reorder your immune response, if you can
Naturopathic medicine is a good option. You need to find a skillful naturopathic doctor.
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I would say each patient is different and needs to be treated that way. Therefore, you need some kind of traditional workup including a back scratch test or serum test to discern what you are allergic to and how severe the response is. Also, any medications and medical diagnosis has to be taken into account. Yes, there are a number of natural modalities that might help including Frankincense oil, Eucalyptus oil, and Quercetin that you could try along with following up with a naturopath. 
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Naturopathic medicine offers a multitude of options to address allergies. First you want to make sure that you are having sinus issues due to airborne allergies and not due to molds, depressed immunity or another cause. Homeopathic medicine, Chinese herbs, acupuncture and natural non-drowsy supplements are some of the options that may help your symptoms. It is best to see a Naturopathic doctor to see what the best treatment options for you may be for the most effective modality for you.
This is no simple issue as we think. But, if you are a milk drinker, try having no dairy including cheese, yogurt, even A2 milk for 3 weeks. And if that relieved your symptoms, then you know the problem and improve your GUT heath with probiotics. It is good to start with something to make you feel, better by having hone air filter, heap vacuum cleaner, essential oil diffuser to clean the environment. You need to look at your environment from the air you breath, water you drink and food.
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The immune system functions to clear the body of foreign bodies such as viruses, bacteria, blood cells, tissue cells, etc. Allergic responses are unusual responses of the immune system, occurring when the immune system reacts to a normally harmless protein that the body has identified as harmful, representing an altered reaction to an antigen. The antigens involved in an allergic response are called allergens. Allergies can represent the overactivity of the immune system, as the immune system is attacking harmless substances. Check into NSC Nutritional Science company & NSC Beta Glucan, which can help to modulate the immune response..
Naturopathic medicine is very successful in treating allergies. I would recommend finding one in your area to help you and in the mean time, drink nettle tea.