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I am nearsighted. Should I use prescription sunglasses when driving?

I am nearsighted and need to use my glasses for things like driving and for seeing things in the distance. I now need new sunglasses. Should I get prescription sunglasses, or is it OK for me to continue using my regular non-prescription sunglasses?

8 Answers

I would recommend wearing them routinely in bright sunlight situations
Best to have proper prescription spectacles.
If you need glasses legally to drive, get prescription sunglasses. If you want to see more sharply when driving during the day in bright sunlight, get prescription glasses.

Scott Forman, MD F.N.A.N.O.S.
You'll see better with prescription sunglasses obviously. But if you feel comfortable enough driving with non-RX sunglasses, then that's fine.

J. David Karlin, MD
You can drive with prescription glasses if the sun doesn’t bother you too much. There are no laws stating you must use prescription sunglasses. However, it may be more comfortable for you to drive with sunglasses.

Frank Cao
Yes, you should wear sunglasses with prescription, unless you are wearing contacts. If wearing contacts, then sunglasses without prescription should be fine.
If your ophthalmologist recommended you wear prescription glasses to drive, then your sunglasses should also be prescription. The other option would be finding a clip-on sunglass for your current prescription glasses.


Joseph Kamerling
If your ophthalmologist recommended prescription glasses to drive, your sunglasses should be prescription as well. Another option would be finding clip-on sunglasses for your current glasses.