Ophthalmologist Questions Retinal Detachment

What does one mean by the term retinal detachment?

I recently came across an article that spoke about retinal detachment. Can you please explain what exactly does the term mean and who is at a risk of suffering from this condition?

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The retina is the inner most layer of the eye and is responsible for your vision. A detachment occurs when the retina is separated from the underlying layer. This can occur when either a hole occurs in the retina, say, due to trauma, or due to pulling on the retina by scar tissue from bleeding due to diabetic eye disease, or chronic inflammation in the back of the eye.
The retina is like the kodak film in an old non digital camera. In Retinal detachment the film is unrevelled. So in the human eye the retina film is unravelled. It will lead to loss of vision as the film is responsible for collecting the visual image needed for vision to take place.
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Retina is the sensetive layer to the light on the back of the eye. If the retina get detached from the underlaying layers, one will lose vision.
People who are very nearsided are more prone to it, it may happen by itself or after a trauma to the eye.