Orthodontist Questions Malocclusion

Can I have orthodontic advice for class 3 malocclusion?

My daughter is 13 and despite menses for over a year, is still apparently growing in height. She was diagnosed as a class 3 over a year ago by her orthodontist who advised to wait for her to stop growing before braces treatment. We have been monitoring her every 6 months but even now, advice is to do nothing. We are very concerned with overcrowding in lower jaw and her age getting older. We recently insisted on doing "something" and so am having a twin block made to try to dampen lower jaw growth. We looked at a chin cap but the orthodontist did not think they really work. We are losing confidence in our orthodontist but in any event, moving to the Los Angeles area. Any advice and recommendations on a few next steps and course of treatments?

Female | 13 years old
Medications: CA

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You got an interesting dilemma and I applaud you on your diligence and understanding the intricacies of a class 3 malocclusion in a female of adolescent age. Not only is this is a most difficult period In her life but it's also the most difficult orthodontic problem to treat. Favorable outcomes are diminished by growth an inherited skeletal height from parents, not to mention cooperation by the patient. The final blow is is the case never looks great until it's done. I've seen many of these cases work out poorly and require surgery even after having worn the braces for 3 years and that's taking into allowance for the occasional misdiagnosed case as well as poor compliance by the patient. You are fortunate in that UCLA Dental School is in the neighborhood and I would put her up for screening if I were you and be treated right where the text books are written.
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Hope the move to LA went well!! Class III is a difficult task...the diagnosis is very important. As I am not an orthodontist, I can only give you my thoughts. Depending on the ceph analysis, we can determine what the growth pattern is for the child; if the child is a vertical growth pattern with an anterior open bite, it will be advisable to wait till after her growth spurt, as her continued growth will result in a failed orthodontic treatment, i.e., open bite reoccurs. Sometimes, regardless of interceptive attempts, jaw surgery may still be required. Another reason to possibly wait till after growth. Again, very difficult to assess without all the information. But do seek out a reputable orthodontist in your new neighborhood and ask all your questions.

Hope this helped.