Dentist Questions Jaw pain

I have some pain around the right side of my jawline. What could it be?

I have been having some pain around the right side of my jawline. It is hurting quite a bit and I am unable to chew on that side. What could be wrong?

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Sounds like an abscess. Better get it checked out before you wind up in the hospital.
See a dentist. You need an X-ray and gum evaluation.
Visit your Dentist as soon as possible for evaluation and treatment.
If you Google an oral pathology phrase you'll find the textbook is quite voluminous in descriptive terms to give information so vast as to what might be causing your pain I'll give you a few obvious ones. Neuropathy from traumatic occlusion would be my first guest that an orthodontist needs to look at, a large area of decay in an adjacent posterior molar could be causing episodic referred pain, a salivary gland obstruction is possibility but usually based on other symptoms such as dry mouth or predisposition to monilial infections, many of these issues would be isolated from an oral culture and microscopic examination buy a Pathology Lab subsequent oral microbiotix would be prescribed and the symptoms would have ate in 7 to 14 days
Schedule an exam.
It could be your tooth or it could be your jaw. Get your dentist to check it.
Pain in the jaw could be from a dental related issue, trauma to the jaw bone, cyst or pathology in the jaw bone, or infection. A visit to your dentist will help you know exactly what is causing the pain as your dentist will perform a thorough exam and take any needed X-rays.
Pain and an inability to chew are usually not good signs. The cause could be coming from a tooth, the gums, or even the muscles or TMJ. I suggest you see a dentist ASAP.
It's nearly impossible to tell what is causing your pain. It could be TMJ, it could be a stretched tendon from sleeping on your fist, it could be an infection. Please see your dentist first and then your physician. Good luck.
Possible abscess/infection