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Painless lump on my thigh. Should I get it removed?

My lump appeared earlier this year. I wasn't convinced it was anything until I saw it a few months ago. It's just a slight bump, maybe a pea size. It's 3 inches above my knee and is not the same color as my skin. Should I see a doctor to get it removed?

5 Answers

Yes. These lumps with change in color of skin, could be secondary to infected cyst.
It would be wise to have it removed for analysis. It can be from the skin layers (nevus) or from the skin appendages (cyst). In any case, if the color is not the same as your skin, it is abnormal.
A new lump should definitely be evaluated by a physician. It’s color difference could be concerning but the decision to have it removed should be decided after evaluation and discussion with your physician. Good luck.
It should be biopsied and during the biopsy completely removed. That way the lot can be analyzed for any worry some issues.
If it is discolored, I would recommend evaluation by your primary care physician or a dermatologist.