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Can physical therapy help in lung rehabilitation?

My father had COPD and has just been discharged from the hospital. Due to his long stay his body is weak and movement is restricted. Can physical therapy help in his body and lung rehabilitation?

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Sure, physical therapy is very important for Copd cases, deep breathing exercises, positioning during sitting and lying.
Sure, physical therapy will help lungs with breathing exercises, and general exercises to strengthen the whole body, balance and gait training.
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Yes, absolutely. Depending on the level of your father’s independence, he may not be a great candidate for an outpatient facility. And with the pandemic, you want to be cautious as he is at an increased risk. I would try home health/a home therapist.
Proper breathing exercises will help in this.
Absolutely! There is whole discipline within physical therapy called Cardiopulmonary. There are many physical therapists who only work with COPD patients.
Definitely! We see many patients for deconditioning and weakness due to prolonged illness or hospital stay. Just be sure your father is ready to be faithful to his home exercise program!