Physical Therapist Questions Knee Injuries and Disorders

How long should I be on physical therapy to ease my injury due to lifting weights?

I suffered a knee injury due to lifting weights and I started physical therapy last week. How long do you think recovery will take?

5 Answers

Some level of relief is typically achieved in 2 weeks. Complete recovery is impossible to predict without knowing your injury.
This is a very difficult question in that each person is different. Basic knee injuries are still difficult to address if you do not address the underlying movement patterns. The ability to determine your prognosis is very dependent upon your prior level of function, current activity level, and your ability to be consistent with your home exercise program developed by your physical therapist.
That would depend on the type of injury. This is a question that you should feel comfortable asking your physical therapist.
Your recovery is specific to your bodies response to the interventions initiated by you and your therapist. There really is no way to specify how long it will take for your tissues to respond. Generally speaking though you can expect a soft tissue injury to heal within 6-8 weeks if there has been no subsequent re-injury or trauma to the tissues.
This sounds like a good question for your therapist. They should discuss their plan of care with you including duration of treatment.