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ā€œWhat are precautions to take for a 14-day only water fasting?ā€

I am planning to go on a 14-day water fast to detox my body. Are there any specific precautions that I should be considering when undertaking a water fast?

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Any water only fast longer than 7 days should only be done under a doctors direct supervision
Consult with your primary care doc, and make sure you have no underlying health issues that may need monitoring - kidney & liver function, blood sugar / insulin response, blood pressure monitoring, picture of depletion of major minerals, history of eating disorder, continuing medications are a few examples to tend to. And, ask yourself - is this the step needed right now, or is there a more gentle way, especially if you are not receiving medical supervision. Maybe a simple detox of alcohol, sugar, animal products & processed foods would suffice?
Water fasting has some wonderful potential benefits, but it is also no small feat to undertake. If you have never done any type of fasting before, a water fast may not be a great first choice. Also, I would advise having a doctor medically supervise such a fast. Some of the milder potential responses during a fast might include nausea, headache, insomnia, dyspepsia, and fatigue. Other effects might be presyncope (feeling like you might faint) or hypertensive events.
Very dangerous and can have fatal consequences. Please don't!!
Hi! Naturally, I have to say that anyone choosing to undertake a fasting program should always see their doctor or health practitioner before starting it to make sure they are ok to do so.

That being said, if your current doctor clears you to do it, typically, anyone doing more than a 3-day water fast, I advise them to do it under medical supervision. This is because many people either over-do their physical activities while water fasting and/or don't drink the best water leading to insufficient mineral content. Both of these cases can lead to dizziness / lightheadedness, heart palpitations, fatigue, muscle cramps, headaches, drops in blood-pressure, and more.

Water fasting has many wonderful health benefits, but when not done properly or under supervision when needed, it has the potential to do more harm than good.

Also, there are many versions of water fasting online. Some are true water fasting, some are modified versions. Be sure to do your research very well and know the reason and purpose of each variation, as well as why you want to fast.
That's a long time to go without food. I've had patients do the Master cleanse. The longest was for a month to reverse chronic sinusitis and it worked!
Water fasts of this duration need to be directly supervised by a physician to be sure of your safety. Please schedule a consult with my office so we can decide if this is the best treatment for you and if yes, so you can be properly monitored. Dr Anderson
Protein deficiency and no Electrolytes is dangerous.

14 Days is quite a long time if this is your first time. I would start with 1 day then move to 2. Ultimately working your way up to 14.

30% of water intake normally comes from food so cutting out solids means you do need to increase your water consumption. If you feel dizzy when standing up too quickly you should take a step back and get something to eat.
Please consult with a naturopathic doctor who specializes in fasting. Good luck!
Electrolyte imbalance is the main precaution to watch out for in a HEALTHY (no major health concerns) individual. There are other precautions based on the health history of the person, so the concerns would be on an individualized basis.
Hi there,
Iā€™m not a fan of water fasts, especially not for two weeks. I think you are much better off to do intermittent fasting and eat 2 meals 12 hours apart. The protein depletion will not be good for methylation.


I do not recommend such a fast. There is too much risk at creating dangerous chemical imbalances and creating a potential harmful form of ketosis. I would suggest finding a healthy program that uses a combination of a modified low allergy non gluten diet along with some type of protein based protein powder. 3 levels of detoxifications can be achieved this way in a safe and supportive method.
Please do not do a 14 day water fast without being under the care of a physician. This can cause severe electrolyte imbalances and potential health risks.
Unwise for a number of reasons. Especially if the person has any significant health issues!
I would highly recommend that you take a liquid vitamin and mineral while fasting. Bone broth fast or vegetable broth is also a great way to detox and supply the body with energy.

Focus on releasing headaches, bowel movements and making sure you are drinking plenty of water.
Water fasts are extremely stressful to a toxic individual & should not be attempted unless under strict supervision as fat-soluble toxins as well as vitamins.. should I mention Medications.. yes I should.. can be stored within the adipocytes which are the fat cells of the body & released into circulation, causing at least flu like symptoms. Fasting with fresh-fruit juices or fresh-veggie drinks may be done for short periods of time with very little stress on the body.