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My dentist told me I need a bridge. What is the process of getting a bridge?

I have two molars that are missing. My dentist said a bridge would fill the gap. What exactly is a bridge and what is the process of getting one put into my mouth?

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Shaving adjacent teeth to space, taking impression, dental lab fabricate 1 piece 3 or 4 unites bridge, and bridge cemented on prepped teeth
A bridge is made by shaping the teeth for crowns which are adjacent to the space created by the lost tooth. Crowns are then made with a false tooth connecting them together. The multiple teeth together are called a bridge and will bridge over the space created by the lost tooth.
The two adjacent teeth to the space will be prepped with a dental air drill under anesthetic and an impression will be fabricated to measure the new bike and fabricate a fixed bridge which will then be submitted to the two prepared teeth including the third which spans the space. This will be a permanent cementation and should last the rest of your life. That is with proper maintenance. Also a temporary will be made while the lab is making the product.
Ask your dentist to illustrate a dental bridge for you. It may be a bit difficult at times to imagine but to put it simply, the tooth in front and behind the missing teeth will be used as the abutment (substructure) of the bridge, while teeth filling the empty space (tooth space) are termed pontics. Look at the illustration at
Bridge is an option to replace missing teeth if you have at least one tooth on either side of the missing spaces. The surrounding teeth are used as anchors to hold bridge. the process entails prepping the anchor teeth by creating space (as you would with a crown) and taking an impression to be sent to the lab for fabrication of the bridge. During this time, you would have a temporary bridge until the final bridge is made and cemented in place permanently. Discuss with your dentist the option of implants if possible.
The two teeth on either sides will be used to hold the bridge. However, getting dental implants will be a better way. Then you will not ruin other teeth.