Dentist Questions Pulpectomy

I had pulpectomy on my lower left tooth. It still hurts. What should I do?

I had a pulpectomy on my lower left tooth about two days ago and that area's been hurting me a lot lately. What should I do about this?

6 Answers

Make an appointment to go back to the dentist and have them determine if the pain you're having is because of the pressure of the erupting permanent tooth underneath the baby tooth which had the procedure. It is possible to erupting permanent tooth is causing pressure against baby tooth and causing it to sometimes get tighter and other times feel loose as it erupts
Might be some nerve tissue left behind. If so, the procedure needs repeating. Also you might be experiencing a normal post treatment sensitivity. Best to call your dentist.
A pulpectomy is only the start of a root canal procedure by removing the root tissue only. It is intended to alleviate pressure buildup in the tooth and hence reduce pain. If pain is worsening, it could indicate that there is still nerve tissue remaining, or that the infection is severe enough that your body’s immune system is unable to fight it. Contact your dentist right away and he may prescribe you an antibiotic to help the situation. Good luck.
Dr. Cyril Tahtadjian
Go back to your Dentist for further evaluation. This procedure is often a step in the process of pain elimination.
You should go back to who ever did the pulpectomy and have a complete root canal treatment done.
Please get the root canal done.