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I have a pus filled boil on my index finger. I am a diabetic. Can it get complicated?

I am a diabetic with an HbA1C of 9. I have a pus filled boil in my index finger. I am not sure if it is just a boil or what else could it be?

4 Answers

If blood sugars are not under control.
Yes. Need antibiotics.
This certainly can already be an infection, and it can definitely spread, with extra risk because you are a diabetic. You should see a doctor ASAP to get it cultured, find out what antibiotics or herbs the infection is sensitive to, get put on local and internal anti-microbial therapy as determined appropriate, and be sure your diabetes is under control.
See a Dr right away and get the boil lanced & drained and get antibiotics. Second, get your blood sugar down and your A1c under control. A high A1c dampens your immune system & inhibits its ability to fight infections. High A1c also causes damage to your blood vessels & nerves, causing even more complications. A1c should be below 7% (ADA criteria or 6.5% AACE criteria) to prevent these serious, life-threatening complications. Do whatever you need to do (change or add medications, change lifestyle, or add insulin if not now taking) to get that A1c down. Check blood sugars regularly & work at it for better control.