Infectious Disease Specialist Questions Acne

I suddenly have pus filled pimples around my underarms. What is it?

I am 27 years old and I have pus filled pimples all around my underarms. I don't have acne anywhere else. Could this be some kind of an infection? Which doctor should I go to?

3 Answers

Sounds like you have folliculitis or furunculosis. This can be treated by your family physician with hot soaks and oral antibiotics.
Most likely infection is with skin bacteria which does include staph. Best thing is to control sweaty T-shirts and to take frequent daily showers with antibacterial soap and certainly not shave any hair If it continues should seek medical attention
It sounds as if you probably have a condition known as hydradenitis suppurative. This is an annoying problem generally thought to be caused by blockage of sweat glands adjacent to, or emptying into, hair follicles. The condition is treated based on its severity. You should start by using warm compresses several times a day and take Motrin or Advil for discomfort relief. If the condition persists, treatment with antibiotics (I suggest dicloxicillin 250mg four times a day for 10 days) is appropriate. Steroids may also be indicated in particularly severe and resistant cases. I suggest seeing your primary care physician if warm compresses do not help within four to five days.