Ear-Nose and Throat Doctor (ENT) Questions Laryngitis

Help, please. Question about laryngitis treatment.

Today I just finished a five day treatment of Azithromycin 250mg for Laryngitis. On day four my raspy voice of two weeks finally went away. Today on the final day five of the treatment I took one small hit of marijuana and immediately my raspy voice came back. After this, I will no longer smoke.

Did I just screw up a five day treatment of medication? will my voice clear up again? And will the Azithromycin still be working for the next few days?

Male | 38 years old
Complaint duration: 3weeks
Medications: Azithromycin
Conditions: None

9 Answers

Luckily, Azithromycin has a long half life. Smoking, chemical irritants, and vocal abuse can all contribute to a worsening of your symptoms. I would recommend avoiding the aforementioned. I would increase your hydration (i.e., drink more water) and try a ten-day course of voice rest. No yelling, singing, or whispering.
In general, acute laryngitis can result in prolonged hoarseness. The vocal cords have very few lymphatics so that swelling and inflammation can take a long time to resolve. Treatment is usually voice rest and increased fluids; using antibiotics when there is evidence of actual infection. In your case, the azithromycin seemed to help so there must have been some infection. You were fortunate that the hoarseness resolved so quickly, but you should not have been smoking anything that soon. It is not necessary to be concerned with the value or harm from marijuana as a drug. Any smoke has particulate matter and gases that are irritating that would make the inflammation worse. Fortunately, resting your voice and drinking a lot of water, and giving this more time should let the problem resolve completely. Next time you don’t feel well, try some Tylenol and read a good book to relax.

Azithromycin does stay in the human system for 5 days after completion of the therapy. Laryngitis induced by smoking is common and usually an irritant and cessation of smoking lessens the irritation to the vocal folds.
Contrary to what everyone wants to believe, marijuana is harmful and its smoke will irritate your vocal cords as much as cigarette smoking. Zpack action will continue for another 5 days after the last pill was taken

In general, smoking or any chemicals that you inhale (think hookahs, bleach, ammonia, asthma inhalers, etc.) can irritate and inflame the vocal folds. Marijuana is not different. It has mostly bad effects on the vocal folds. However, the vocal folds do have some defenses and can repair themselves. Azithromycin is formulated to keep working even after you stop taking it, so it will be active for a few days after your last dose, typically.
Smoking Marijuana carries with it all sorts of negative neurological and respiratory effects. Just don't do it. If you stay sick or still have voice and throat issues, I recommend seeing the physician who gave you the antibiotics for a look at a possible second course.
Probable chemical, irritant laryngitis from marijuana. Laryngitis is rarely bacterial in nature. Antibiotics rarely indicated.
Sounds like you have found the cure - stop smoking weed - or any cigarettes!
I would recommend to avoid smoking as you have already realized to be a possible source of problem.
If you don’t have signs of infection like fever, cough with phlegm etc I don’t think you would need to repeat the course of antibiotics.
I would like to know if you have history of seasonal allergy or not? Do you overuse your voice (line singing etc)?
If the answers to above questions are No, then I would consider seeing an ENT specialist if your symptoms have been going on for three weeks now.