Cardiologist Questions High Blood Pressure

Is my high blood pressure the reason behind my increased heart rate?

My heart rate is quite high, could it be because of hypertension and my increased blood pressure?

3 Answers

There may be several reasons. The high blood pressure by itself is not causing a higher heart rate. You may be over weight, poorly conditioned or just have a high adrenergic drive (higher levels of adrenaline). Your thyroid may be slightly over active. This is a simple issue to determine by a careful medical history and exam.
Not necessarily. Whatever is causing your heart rate to increase is also probably increasing your blood pressure. Stress, over-the-counter cold medications, Tylenol PM, ginseng, other endocrine problems, etc. Please see your doctor.
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Probably not. Most likely high blood pressure and heart rate are caused by the same thing. See your doctor.