Pulmonologist Questions stress

Could there be another reason for my breathlessness or is it anxiety?

I am going through a rough patch in my life due to my divorce. I am currently under tremendous amount of stress, and I have suddenly started feeling breathless even after doing little activity. Could this be because of stress and anxiety or should I go for a check up?

4 Answers

Going through a divorce is a difficult phase of life. Some people’s distress shows up in physical symptoms. However, I would encourage you to see your medical provider to rule out any medical explanations. You may also want to consider seeing a mental health provider or spiritual advisor (if you prefer) to help you process recent events in your life. Take care.
A physical exam is always a good way to address symptoms before a diagnosis of stress or anxiety is made.
First, you need a complete physical! If all is fine, yes it could be anxiety. At that point, you might want to consider seeing someone and talking about the thing bothering you.
Hard to say, but I am sure it can be both. Stress does many things. Try seeing a therapist instead of a medical doctor, they will just put you on some medication.