Hand Surgeon Questions Swelling

What could be the reason for the swelling in my palms?

Since yesterday, there has been swelling in my palms and it has been very painful. This is mainly in my left palm and my fingers are also turning pale. I am not sure which doctor I should show it to. Please, what could be the reason for this? Would it require me getting surgery?

4 Answers

Sounds like you should see a hand surgeon for further evaluation. Could be as simple as tendonitis but could also be more serious like a vascular clot in one of the arteries feeding your hand.
Swelling can be caused for many different reasons. I would suggest that you see and hand specialist or neurologist for evaluation of where the problem may be coming from.
Many reasons. Follow up with a fellowship trained hand surgeon.
It’s hard to say just based on those symptoms. I recommend being seen by your primary care doctor or a hand surgeon.

Harrison Solomon, M.D.