Cardiologist Questions Heart Attack

How long does it take for one to recover after a heart attack?

My husband is 42 years old and he suffered a mild heart attack 3 months back. Although he is on his path to recovery and life is normal again, there are a number of activities that he is still restricted to do. How long should it take for him to completely recover considering that age is on his side.

6 Answers

It usually takes about 3 months to recover from a mild heart attack. He can return to his work, but should avoid things like snow shoveling and lawn mowing for at least a year.
3 to 12 months. Regular checks are necessary. Manage your cholesterol and diet. Exercise is important, too.
He should be getting back to normal by now but regular exercise will be required to restore his fitness. He may be held back by taking beta blocking medication (any drug with a name ending in "-olol") and this should be tailed off around now (it helps the heart in the early recovery stage but there is no evidence of benefit beyond 3 months unless the heart attack was severe).
Good chance of full recovery provided that he is fully assessed
It all depends on his ejection fraction and if he had symptoms of heart failure or not. If it was a minor heart attack without significant damage, most people are back to normal in a period of one to three months.
It can take 6 -12 months to recover, all depends on hibernating myocardium.