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What should I do for recurrent pink eye?

I get pink eye at least twice a year. It's super frustrating and embarrassing. Is there something I can do about it so it never comes back?

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Hello, There are several common sources of organisms that can cause bacterial conjunctivitis. The skin around eyelids, eyebrows, cheeks, nose and forehead have bacteria as well as allergens like pollen, dust and smoke. When we rub our eyelids then some of that can get into our eyes and cause “pink eye”. See your eye doctor when you get an eye infection because eye infections need proper diagnosis and correct treatment to prevent more serious complications such as blindness. 
“Pink eye “ is a common name given to a conjunctivitis. There are different types of conjuntivitis and adults rarely get bacterial conjunctivitis like children does.
Most likely you are having allergic conjunctivitis, viral conjunctivitis or a secondary conjuntivitis related to acne rosacea that is involving your eyelid and eyes or contact lens overwear related infections.

Please ask your doctor to explain to you the source of your eye condition. This is the only way you will be able to prevent them.
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It’s time to see your local Optometrist for an exam! Let’s find out if you’re having allergy or infection issues. Have a great weekend, call your Dr for an appointment!

Dr. John Lowitz, OD
Make sure that you get your pink eye evaluated by an eye doctor to determine the type of pink eye. Pink eye can be viral, bacterial, fungal, or allergies. Refrain from touching your eyes, if you need to touch them then use a tissue. Clean your eyelids and lashes every day with an eyelid cleanser like Ocusoft lid cleanser or Avenova. Get annual eye exams.
Never is a strong term. Don't touch your eyes, and use Avenova spray every night to help minimize the bad bacteria around your eyelid margins.
There are many different causes of a pink eye. Typically allergic, viral or bacterial. All are treated differently. Some red eyes can be a sign of a more serious inflammation and therefore it’s best to seek professional care rather than prolong and delay.

Dr . Lior Koppel
pink eye at that long interval suggests seasonal allergies or that you are a teacher exposed to little disease vectors bringing in a virus. Check with a local Optometric Physician who will differentiate between Allergic Viral, Bacterial, or environmental causes such as house dust house mites, air pollution. The OD will also be able to determine if you have periodic guests in your lashes that can easily be controlled. Dr Doug Smith /DOC BISON
Chronic or recurrent "pink eye" could, in fact, be related to eyelid hygiene and is not contagious in nature. Many people have bacteria that live there.
It could be viral which requires no treatment . Or bacterial which can be treated with antibiotic drops . It’s cinragious if viral so please don’t be around people who have a viral pink eye
Use hot compresses on your eyes and clean them with Ocusoft Foam soap every day after you wash your face. Wear glasses if they have been prescribed, and if you haven't had an eye exam, get one.