Podiatrist (Foot and Ankle Specialist) Questions Ingrown Nail

I have a recurrent problem of ingrown toenails. What should I do?

I have a recurrent problem with ingrown toenails and it keeps coming back even after I remove them. They are mild enough where I just fix it at home. What should I do?

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A podiatrist can perform a simple surgery to permanently remove the ingrown portion of the nail. It can be done in the office and patients usually return to work the next day.

Kathleen Neuhoff, DPM 

They can be surgically removed
Avoid wearing small or tight shoes that may put pressure on the healing area. Avoid getting dirt or sand in the open area
If you have a recurrent ingrown nail problem, then the best solution for you is partial nail avulsion with phenol application, which is done by a podiatrist in your area!
There is a procedure that removes the nail edge and root. This can be performed in the office under local anesthesia. There is no post-op pain.
Ingrown toenails can impact quality of one's life due to pain and repeated infection. If this is a recurring problem a minimally invasive office-based procedure under digital anesthetic can be performed to excise the involved nail margin with destruction by surgical excision or cauterization with medicine of the nail matrix to prevent recurrence. This can be a very gratifying procedure for those who suffer from repeated episodes.
Make an appointment so we can discuss options. There are many and you shouldn’t have to be in any pain from your nails. The procedures we do are simple and effective and hopefully ingrown toenails won’t be in your vocabulary.
Recurrent ingrowing toenails are usually easily fixed with an ingrown toenail procedure that uses a chemical to destroy the nail root to try to prevent that portion of the nail from coming back. It's usually very successful in resolving the condition long-term.

Jonathan M. Kletz, D.P.M.
Please visit a podiatrist and they could remove that nail border and perform a permanent fix by cauterizing that nail root so it does not come back again.
If you want a permanent solution, you should see a Podiatrist
If you keep experiencing ingrown toenails it is a good idea to get evaluated by a Podiatrist for a possible partial permanent nail avulsion. The procedure is performed in the office and the ingrown border of nail is removed. A solution is applied to the tissue at the base of the nail to eliminate the nail root so that portion of nail does not grow back. The recovery is short, there is no need to stop regular activities besides swimming (short term). If you prefer not to have a procedure you should cut the nails straight across when performing maintenance.
Thank you for your question. For my patients with recurring ingrown nails who do not have severe PAD I recommend a chemical matrixectomy which would be performed in office and takes less than 10 minutes. In the meantime, I recommend warm soapy water with epsom salt soaks twice a day. I recommend you see a podiatrist for your condition. I wish you well and God bless.
The only way to fix ingrown toenail permanently is with surgery.