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Why do I keep having recurring fungal infection in my inner thighs?

I have been suffering from repeated fungal infections in my inner thighs, which keeps recurring every 4 months. I have been treated with medications like Terbinaforce tablets and sebifin cream. While it treats the problem temporarily, it keeps coming back. What should I do?

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Your description of your problem including The medications that you have used lead me to believe that it’s a fungal or yeast infection causing your problem. It may be due to sweating and/or heat including the types of clothing that you’re wearing. I recommend that you go to a dermatologist and ask for a fungal culture and possibly a biopsy if needed. In the meantime, I would wear loose-fitting cotton clothing. Wash the area two or three times a day. Pat dry after washing the news lower on a medium setting. You might also try to use ZEASORB powder. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you.

Good luck.
A common problem seen when this occurs is the skin on the inner thighs is rubbing against its opposing skin on the other leg. This is called intertrigo, It can be reduced by loosing weight, liposuction or cool sculpting.
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Most likely you reinfect yourself if there’s untreated fungus on your feet.
Could be sign of more serious problem. Must see a dermatologist. Don't repeatedly use steroids and cortisone freely prescribed by many GP, will only cause more problems.