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After removing the spectacles, the eyes look crossed. How to correct them?

I am a 17 year old boy. I have been wearing spectacles since I was 12 years old. When I remove my spectacles, my eyes look crossed. Is it a problem in my eyes? How can i correct this problem.

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Follow up with your local Optometrist and have them observe your eyes with and without your glasses on. Depending on the results they can provide you with some suggestions.
Sometimes glasses are given to help with alignment of eyes. If you are wanting to fix this for cosmetic reasons, strabismus surgery is always an option. I recommend talking to your optometrist about this so I referral can be given.
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Many people have the same problem and your glasses are the solution! Depending on your prescription, your eyes have to focus extra hard when you don’t have your glasses on which triggers an eye turn because the eye muscles and the focusing system are linked.
Hi, thanks for the question.
It may be that the glasses were probably prescribed for that very reason, so that your eyes don't get crossed. Additionally, you may want to have another eye test to make sure that the muscles of your eyes are working as they should, and that this 'crossed eye' appearance isn't something new. Possibly also consider contact lenses.
Could be strabismus