Surgeon Questions Appendix surgery

How long after an appendix surgery can I resume swimming?

I am a swimming coach and I am due for an appendix surgery. How long after the surgery can I resume swimming?

9 Answers

If is is done laparoscopically, one can swim in 1 week
When cleared by Surgeon.
Nowadays, appendectomy is done via laparoscopy, very often. If that is the case, I let my patients go swimming 2-3 weeks after the wound is healed.
When the incisions are healed, usually ok in 10 days.
It usually takes two weeks after surgery in order for the incisions to scab and completely heal. Therefore, it is important not to soak/immerse in water, such as soaking in a bathtub or swimming. Waiting to swim may prevent a wound infection.
Usually a couple of weeks as long as your surgeon clears you.
Make sure you inform your surgeon what you plan to do on your follow-up visit.
That is a question you should ask your Doctor who will be doing surgery on you.
I would recommend avoiding getting into a pool until your incisions have healed completely, generally about 14 days. I would avoid strenuous activity (like racing) for about 2-4 weeks after surgery. As you resume activity, let pain be your guide. Soreness is typical, but pain is your body telling you to avoid an activity until you are better. The biggest risk is disrupting the repair of the muscle and developing a hernia by being too aggressive with activity early on.