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Is it safe to go off rice and wheat for a long period of time?

I am planning to take on a diet that requires me to give up rice and wheat for a long period of time. Is this safe? Will this leave me with little energy?

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Rice and wheat are more simple carbohydrates. It is likely the diet you are referring to will have other sources of energy for you through more complex carbohydrates like vegetables.
Hello, there I have follow-up questions: why did this change? Do you see yourself doing this long-term? Is it sustainable long term? Rice and wheat are a type of carbohydrates, that being said, you can add other types of carbohydrates such as fruits, potatoes, peas, corn, winter squash, quinoa, barley, farro, etc.

There is no long term evidenced based data to show that restricting wheat or rice is necessary for optimal health with exception of those diagnosed properly by an MD with Celiac disease or gluten intolerance. For those people, gluten which is found in wheat is omitted from the diet but rice is ok. Carbohydrates are critical for energy and if restricted without appropriate substitutes can leave you feeling less energetic. In short, it could be "safe" but completely unnecessary and not fun!
Yes, it is safe to give up eating rice and wheat for a long time. You can avoid wheat and rice for ever with no negative consequences.
Yes. Wheat has been destroyed by the process of genetic modification which has caused many people a negative impact on their health. Rice, if it is brown rice and un-genetically modified is a good source of minerals, fiber and protein. However, it is not necessarily something you have to eat a lot of.
It's safe. However, I don't recommend patients exclude any type of food(s) unless they have an allergy, intolerance, or medical condition. You can get "energy" from other sources of carbohydrates, though, and won't feel fatigued if you balance your meals correctly. Set an appointment with a dietitian to help you plan your diet.
Thank you for your question!
Yes it is safe. You should not notice lower energy coming off from them as long as your caloric intake meets your physical activity level. Many who come off from these two types of foods actually report feeling better. I suggest paying attention to your symptoms and seeing if symptoms resolve once you remove wheat and rice.
That is safe. You will get many more nutrients and fiber by replacing the wheat and rice with vegetables. Try cauliflower rice and zucchini noodles as alternatives to rice and pasta.
Yes, it is safe. It should give you more energy as these foods can increase insulin levels and are considered inflammatory, which both can reduce energy levels in some people. I know many people who give up rice and wheat indefinitely, they are following a strict paleo diet.