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Why am I not losing weight when I'm exercising and dieting?

I constantly diet and exercise but I'm not losing any pounds. What exactly could be wrong with me?

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There are many reasons for weight gain or loss & without more information about you, I can't really answer your question specifically. What kind of diet are you using? How much exercise do you do? Daily, weekly, etc.? In general wt. gain or loss follows the Newtonian laws of physics i.e. Matter & energy are neither gained or lost in the universe. They are just changed from one form into another. In keeping with this: If we take in by mouth more matter (that's called food) than we burn for energy then we store the excess as another form of matter (that's called Fat). To get rid of the fat we must burn more energy &/or take in less matter preferably both. The number though are difficult to understand. An hour on an exercise bike without added friction & at moderate speed burns only about 80 calories. You can replace this several times over with a glass of juice, a sandwich or OMG a doughnut after the exercise & you will have gained more than you have lost. There are other problems associated with wt. gain or loss. See a physician to be sure you do not have another problem (hypothyroid, Cushings disease, etc.), then see a good dietician and an exercise physiologist to outline a program for you based on you age, physical limitations, etc. One on the best & cheapest places to get a good program of this kind is the YMCA. So, if you have access to one see them & they can be of help at a reasonable price. Avoid FADE diets & fake simple remedies advertised in the newspapers. They make it sound so easy (just take our MIRICLE DRUG and fat disappears like magic). These are a scam selling you herbs you can grow in your garden at a grossly inflated price. These companies disappear when the FDA gets on them, but they go across the street, change the name on the label and continue the scam. Don't fall for it. Don't even send for their free samples. Once they get your address they will continue to send the worthless drugs with a bill & it is all most impossible to stop. Don't get caught. Use only certified programs with trained people.

Good luck!