Infertility Specialist Questions Clogged Ears

Should I go to the doctor?

I have been having the feeling like my right ear is plugged and I can't get ride of it and I have this ball in my neck under my jaw it the size of a marble and it's really hard. I also been feeling sick a lot I can't stand up long, this has all been going on for a month.

Female | 18 years old

6 Answers

The ball under the jaw may be a growth and the cause of the plugged feeling. You definitely have to see the doctor.
A good decision would be seeing your Dr. or a E.N.T. consult.
Is seems that there is a middle ear or upper right tooth infection which might be creating this scenario... a history with an examination will certainly help you get better. Please see your Dr.
Definitely see your doctor. Your gland seems to be swollen. Could be mono or any other bacterial infection
Yes you should see your doctor. You may have an infection
I would recommend visiting your regular doctor as soon as they have an available appointment with these complaints.
Yes I think you should see your Doctor.