Ear-Nose and Throat Doctor (ENT) Questions Clogged Ears

There is a watery secretion from my ears. What could it be?

Since yesterday I can feel a watery secretion coming out of my ears. It smells like earwax. What could it be? Is it a sign of any infection?

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Normal ear wax, cerumen, is waxy, odorless, and pale amber in color. If you have a watery discharge, especially if there is an odor, then infection is likely, even in the absence of pain. It sounds like you need a trip to your local ear doctor or even an urgent care center for treatment.
Watery secretions from the ears may be admixed with ear wax and have a distinctive smell, but without pain or w-swelling, it is probably not an infection.
Hi there. Ear wax can have many different consistencies, ranging from a watery type of secretion all the way to a dry scaly type of debris. Ear canals are lined with skin that can also sweat a bit. Sometimes water from a shower, bath or pool can get into the ear and come out a little later. Those would be reasons for this to be happening on a regular basis.

If this is new and associated with other symptoms like hearing loss, ringing, dizziness or pain, then you should get it checked by a doctor to make sure your ear drum is intact. If you have a tube in your ear drum and it is leaking, you should likely see your doctor to make sure it does not need treatment.

Dr. LeBlanc
This does sound like earwax known as cerumen. The glands can produce different viscosities of wax some of which can be more runny in some people.
Remember not to clean your ear canals with cotton swabs and other implements to avoid traumatizing the canal which may result in an infection or may push the wax in further.
Could be liquified cerumen, or drainage from tympanic membrane perforation, drainage from external otitis, foreign body in ear canal. If persists, see ENT for microscopic ear exam.