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Should I still be in pain a week after a tooth extraction?

I am a 31 year old female. I had a tooth extraction last week. Should I still be in pain a week after a tooth extraction?

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Everyone heals differently, however, the best would be to consult the dentist who performed for a follow-up visit.
It depends on the severity of the extraction if there was a large surgery performed with removal of bone tissue you still may have pain for quite some time however if it was more routine you have to consider that you may have a dry socket which means the clock does inform if that’s the case you need to go back to the dentist that extracted the tooth and let them evaluate it for you lastly as possible you may have an infection which also needs to be looked at by your dentist

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It is possible you have a dry socket. You should revisit your dentist for a check of the extraction site.
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Every dental extraction is different. If the pain persists, please have it checked out.
It is a bit unusual for you to be in pain a week after the extraction had been completed. You may be experiencing a dry socket. That is a tooth socket that is not healing properly from within. You need to see your dentist in order to evaluate and treat this situation. The sooner you address this the sooner you’ll feel better. If the diagnosis is not a dry socket, then you may have another issue that needs attention from your dental professional.
It is possible - may be due to the stretching of jaw during surgery or may be sensitive to area next to extraction site this is normal - just have to be patient with healing process - however, if pain increases or if there is swelling at site it is important that you see surgeon as area may be infected or not healing properly and further treatment may be required. If in doubt see your doctor.

Yes, the area will be sensitive for at least two weeks. Please allow some time for your extractions to heal. If you have any more concerns or if the pain persists, please consult with your dental provider.

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A week after the extraction of a tooth discomfort should be settling down. This is if everything is normal and there are no complications. An extracted tooth with be sore for a few days, but it should be gradually getting better.
However, there are some other things that can cause discomfort. First thing that one should consider is the possibility of dry socket. Dry socket simply means that the blood clot that forms after the tooth is extracted is lost. This can make the color of the gums look different or look completely normal; however, often times there is more pain then when the tooth was there. This is because the clot that was lost protects the healing tooth socket and now it is exposed.
Secondly, the peak onset for swelling after an extraction is 4 days. This means that swelling can start up to 4 days after the extraction of the tooth and then start to taper after that. Again the discomfort should be tapering off. Swelling causes pressure on everything around it which causing discomfort.
Finally, depending on the circumstances there could be a little tiny bone chip that is trying to exfoliate (make its way out of the gums). This tends to happen as the jaw bone is trying to re-structure itself after the tooth is removed.
All of this depends on the tooth that was extracted, how it was extracted, the amount of trauma during the extraction, and situation of the tooth extracted. It would be best to contact the doctor who extracted since he/she is the one that was there and knows what happened during the procedure. This is usually free of charge since it is part of the extraction procedure. Hope this helps.

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