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Smile direct club or Invisalign?

I want to get one of those invisible aligners, but I don't which one I should choose. From your experience, which do you think is better? Smile direct club or Invisalign?

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We recommend using Invisalign so that a dentist can examine you. To receive the best treatment, I strongly advise you to choose a treatment plan that has an actual dentist involved so they can treat you step by step. Thank you for your question.
Invisalign treatment will be controlled by your dentist and allow all teeth to move, including molars if necessary. Smile direct club treatment is up to you and can move only anterior teeth. It is okay for a very small discrepancy. Not for everybody, though.
Invisalign is the best choice. Treatment will be done by an orthodontist!
Invisalign. At least you are being followed by a doctor instead of doing it yourself.
Smile direct is unsupervised and at your own risk. Invisalign is performed by a professional and will have a much better outcome.
I always recommend a trained, licensed dentist to monitor the movement of teeth. There are several things that can happen that if it goes unchecked, may cause problems that need to be corrected by an orthodontist.
There is not doubt that you should go with Invisalign. You have NO supervision from a doctor with Smile Direct. Invisalign is a much more sophisticated product with a more advance plastic.
It doesn't matter. They are approximately equal.