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I have a stye on the inner side of my eyelid. Is it a problem?

I have a painless stye on the inside of my eyelid. It's not itchy or anything at all. Can this be something serious?

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You can see an eye doctor who can drain the stye. Other lesions can appear in side of the island that need to be evaluated by an eye doctor
Some go away with little or no treatment but not always. Warm compresses can be done frequently and will help clear a stye but you eye will get much better and quicker response with antibiotic and steroid eye drops. Your eye doctor can prescribe those as eye drops or eye ointments.
If it's just a stye, then no, it's not serious. But there are other things that can mimic a stye. Get it looked at.
A stye or hordeolum will not cause damage to your vision. Use warm compresses for several days. If the stye persists, see your ophthalmologist. He will prescribe drops or ointment to resolve your problem. If it doesn’t resolve, your ophthalmologist will make a small incision and remove the stye.
You need to see an Ophthalmogist
It never hurts to have someone look at it.
Frequently clean that area with mild soap and water to help healing. Antibiotic drops will help you to heal better.
It can be a sign of a serious underlying disease or it could be just a stye. You should see an eye care provider if you would like further evaluation.