Neurologist Questions Distal muscular dystrophy

swelling in legs

I am a 60 year old female with Distal Muscular Dystrophy (Miyoshi). I transitioned into a power chair 2 years ago. I am recently experiencing swelling in my feet, ankles and legs. I am trying to increase my circulation in my lower extremities but don't know what to do. I would appreciate any advice you may have.


3 Answers

It is normal for fluid to accumulate in your feet. But your body has mechanisms to keep it under control. Most important is exercise which pumps the fluid out of you legs for elimination. This is much harder to do if your muscles are weak and smaller from your Muscular Dystrophy.

Elastic leg bandages help prevent the swelling. Elevation of the legs helps your body pick up the fluids. If you can't vigorously exercise your legs,, you will need a family member to learn from a therapist, how to pump your legs in exercise for you.

Your neurologist may want to give you a diuretic as well, but it needs to be carefully managed. Good luck. Best results from trying hard and never giving up!
You could talk to your PCP and see if it's appropriate to use some diuretics. Elevate feet while sleeping and during the day might help minimize the swelling.
Would recommend daily whirlpool variable pressure waterjet therapy.