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What are the symptoms of a weak heart?

Are there any signs and symptoms that could indicate that my heart is becoming weak?

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Trouble breathing especially when laying down, marked fatigue, effort intolerance- just couldn't keep up with what you could before. Dizziness with exertion.
A weak heart can lead to what is called heart failure. This means that the heart is not able to circulate enough blood for the body's needs. One of the effects of heart failure is the body starts to retain water
The lung
are very sensitive to the excessive amount of water .
build-up in the lung tissues. The symptoms that can develop from this are many such uh as.
1.Shortness of breath at rest
2 Shortness of breath when you are exerting yourself.
3. Waking up at night very short of breath
4.Unable to sleep without multiple pillows to keep your head elevated. Trying to sleep without those pillows causes shortness of breath
5. Dry cough
6. Swelling of your lower extremities
7.unexplained fatigue

Hope this helps.
Dr. Alberto Chavira
Shortness of breath, weight gain, fainting, chest pain, just to write a few.
Generally a progressive [over weeks/months] increase in fatigue, shortness of breath with effort, having to sit up in bed to feel comfortable sleeping, and peripheral edema are the most common symptoms