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The best way to combat obesity?

I'm 35 years old, and I just want to be slimmer. My doctor wants me to lose weight since I'm borderline obese, but I don't know what the best approach is. Do you have any recommendations?

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Your desire to want to lose weight is the first step in the right direction. Next are lifestyle changes: walk more, eat low-calorie and high-fiber foods, e.g., greens and nuts and grains, fast once per week, etc. Exercise at least three times per week for 30 mins, do not yield to the temptation of high-calorie foods, e.g., sweets and sugary meals. Avoid eating late at night. Take a look at: Kosher diet.

The best way to combat obesity is to start your treatment when you’re a few pounds overweight, because it’s easier to lose 5 pounds than it is 50. Otherwise, simple equation of excess calories absorbed versus not enough calories expended. I personally recommend a low glycemic index diet Or a ketogenic diet. It is paramount that the patient educate themselves regarding good carbs versus bad carbs, while maintaining a balance of of good protein and good fats. Fast food/junk food is a no brainer, but the hidden icebergs are grains (we feed livestock grains to fatten them up- what do you think they do to humans), fruit juices, and certain fruits just to name a few. The science of the low glycemic index diet mandates small frequent meals, with low index carbs, healthy fats balanced with lean protein.
Avoid all simple sugars (sweets, soda, commercial fruit juices, etc.). Reduce fat intake (i.e., cheese, meat, eggs). Increase snacks of fruits between meals so that you are not very hungry during meal time. Skip breakfast every other day.
Increase exercise, reduce fat in diet, follow a diet with a food log, drink more water, more fruit and veg, less processed foods.
This is a subject we could talk about for months but to keep it simple I will highlight a few simple principles most of which are focused on what we consume since that is 90 % of the battle.
1. Avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners completely! Healthy alternatives in very small amounts would be monkfruit, honey, agave.
2. Avoid or limit dairy
3. Avoid processed foods and foods with fillers ( fewer and fresh ingredients are always better)
4. Eat the rainbow! Make your diet colourful!
5. Eat fresh and organic whenever possible
6. Meat is fine in smaller quantities but make sure it is good quality ( meaning grass fed without hormones or antibiotics)
7. Get at least 7 hrs of sleep per night.
8. Be active. Make whatever exercise you do something you enjoy at least 30 mins 4-5 times per week.
9. Mind your gut biome. This one is so important. Antibiotics disturb your healthy bacteria in your gut for over a year. They are sometimes necessary but greatly overused. Avoid them if possible. You should take a good probiotic and prebiotics that feed them. Fermented foods are a great source also ( Kimchi, sauerkraut, tempeh, apple cider vinegar such as in salad dressings etc)
10. Meditation is also very very good for your health overall. I love using the Headspace App!
Eat fewer calories and walk for 20-30 minutes most days of the week. Also, avoiding any "food" that is "WHITE" will definitely lead to weight loss (i.e., bread, flour, potatoes, sugar, pasta, dairy, etc.). This also means AVOID about anything sold at a 7-11 or other "convenience store."