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What is the reason for the bulge in my wrist?

I have a bulge in my wrist which can be seen when i flex my palms. When I touch this bulge it hurts. According to a doctor it is excess oil accumulation. Is that true? Can it be rectified in any way?

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The most common cause for a bulge or a mass in the wrist is a Ganglion Cyst. This is not filled with oil but rather filled with joint fluid called synovium. We tend to get these when we put stress on a joint which causes a small spot in the joint capsule to become week and stretch out. Think about how when you blow a bubble with bubble gum, you stretch then add pressure (blow air) & you get the bulge. Over time when you use your wrist the bulge can get bigger & possibly more painful. Since yours is painful I would recommend making an appointment with a Hand Surgeon. The way it’s treated when symptomatic is to either drain the fluid (+\- using a splint after) or can have it surgically removed. Unfortunately they come back but the goal of treatment is so that it doesn’t. Hope this helps.
I can only answer this question with a broad brush stroke. A bulge can be one of several things, the most common is a ganglion cyst (benign sac of fluid) that can develop. Other reasons for masses can be tenosynovitis (inflammation surrounding the tendons), and then many other types of tumors. I am not aware of any of these involving "oil accumulation." It should be evaluated by a medical professional, after a history and proper physical exam. Often, an aspiration with a needle can confirm the diagnosis. If not, further work up may be necessary. There can be malignant lesions in the wrist and hand, but they are very rare.
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could be synovial tissue from the tendons
It would be difficult to answer your question without seeing your wrist.
It may be possible that you may have a ganglion cyst in the wrist that shows when you flex your hand. I would recommend that you see a hand specialist to determine the exact problem and treatment.
It’s hard to confirm that diagnosis, which is unusual. I would recommend a second opinion or an opinion from a hand surgeon.