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Can three epidurals be a problem?

I am pregnant with my 3 rd child. I have had two C-sections so expecting this to be the same. Will a 3rd epidural be risky?

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The answer is no the amount of epidurals you receive has nothing to do with risk theirs the other risk factors involved but not the number of epidurals
Unless you have a contraindication or a new condition specifically related to your spine, it would carry the same risk as before. I feel that you would not have problems unless something has developed since your last delivery.
No. There is no problems with 3 epidurals. There is no more risk of complications than with your first one. Indeed I do epidurals for chronic back pain every 2-3 months without problems
No more than the first. If you are having a C section though, I would assume you would have a spinal anesthetic and the risk is no more than the first
There is very little risk of any sort of problems with multiple epidurals. Many people with chronic pain or cancer pain may get multiple epidurals and it does not seem to create specific issues. With any labor epidural, the biggest risk is that it does not get adequate relief. If this is the case, it is simply replaced. This occurs 10-20 percent of the time, according to clinical studies. The next biggest risk, 3-10 percent of the time, is that you could have an unintentional dural puncture and get a post-dural puncture headache, which is treated with a
procedure called a blood patch. The nice thing about an epidural for any laboring patient is that in the event that you must have a cesarean section, you may use the epidural catheter to dose.

Good luck!
Similar risk to the others.
No, additional epidurals don't carry increased risks. Epidurals in general have potential risks but their number doesn't increase them

Boris Yaguda M.D.
I am an anesthesiologist, and I have been in practice more than 30 years. I have personally performed more than 10,000 epidurals. There is always a risk with any medical procedure. There is not an increased risk associated with having multiple epidurals.
The risk of a 3rd, 4th or 5th labor epidural is no more than the risk of your first one. Placing the epidural needle has no more risk than getting an IV except the needle is bigger. The soreness, if you have any, will stop in a couple of days. The medicine given is metabolized in a few days and no longer in your system.
No. Getting a third epidural is not a problem at all. It will be not any more risky than getting it the first time. The risks are the same, the first time or the tenth time.
Did you have an epidural or a spinal? Most often your first delivery is with an epidural. If you have been scheduled for a certain day for your C-section a spinal is more likely. Either way the number of epidurals does not increase the risk. Much better for Mom to have spinal or epidural for delivery. You can experience the joy of holding your precious child right away.
Repeated epidural are not risky as long as they are administered by a skilled provider.

I have had placed epidurals in women having 7th and 8th child.
I dont think so. it doesnt matter whether its one or two or three. it should be no consequenses
Another epidural won’t be a problem, assuming nothing has changed with your back (surgery, injury, etc). A third pregnancy however does carry added risk but from the obstetrical side-higher incidence of complications with the labor and the birth. The good news is, with each pregnancy the time you are in labor till you deliver usually gets shorter!
There is no more risk with the 3rd as there would be if it’s your first. Many patients have undergone many epidural or spinal anesthetics. There is no evidence of a cumulative effect.
Not really if you have not had a problem so far.
No. There is no additive risk to additional epidurals. I had 4 c-sections and 4 epidurals. Enjoy your baby!!
No. The risk for a third epidural is same as first epidural.

Dr Ketch
There should be no problem with receiving three epidural anesthetics over a period of years; however, the surgical risk increases with each successive cesarean delivery with increased surgical time and increased risks of bleeding and damage to bowel or bladder tissues.
While there is risk with everything in medicine, having a third epidural for your next C-section is no more risky than having your first or second or in the future if you were to have another baby. General anesthesia and regional anesthesia are about the same risk level in anesthesia literare when talking about elective deliveries in obstetrics.
The risks of epidural anesthesia are not belated to how many previous epidurals you have had.
Should not impose any increased risk for you.