Endodontist Questions Tooth Disorders

Can a tooth affected by cavities be saved?

My tooth has been affected by cavities. Can my tooth be saved, or will I need to have it pulled?

9 Answers

A tooth can be evaluated for endodontic therapy.

Dr. Michael R. Smith, D.M.D.
Of course your teeth can be saved. The sooner you go to the dentist, the sooner the cavities are caught and filled.
It depends on how deep the cavities are in your teeth. If there is sufficient healthy tooth structure remaining after your dentist removes the decay, you should be able to save the tooth. However, if there is not enough structure remaining, it may need to be pulled. You should make an appointment with your dentist, so he or she can perform a detailed examination and take xrays, before deciding if the tooth can be saved.
Teeth that have cavities or decay can be saved if enough good tooth structure remains. The depth of the decay and the location of it would dictate the prognosis or prediction of how it will fare over time. Many times, a root canal and crown are needed and with these treatments your tooth can be as good as new! This is judged on a case by case basis. If there is not enough good tooth structure left then extraction is a better option as the prognosis long term is not favorable.
Depending on how much decay (cavity) is present will determine if a tooth can be saved.
Most probably yes. You need to ask your dentist about the restorability of the tooth and the cost to fix it.
It depends on the severity of the decay. You will need to see your dentist to determine if your tooth is salvageable.
It depends on the extent of the cavity, which your dentist can find out by a clinical exam and taking some X-rays of the affected tooth.
Depending on how much tooth has been destroyed or damaged, the tooth may be able to be saved, possibly with root canal therapy. You would have to have a dentist or ENDODONTIST (root canal specialist) examine and evaluate the tooth. No other specific recommendations can be made without an exam. Only a dentist who did the exam can tell.