Pediatrician Questions Asthma

Is there a way to treat asthma in children?

My 4 year old son has asthma. What is the best way for us to manage/treat his asthma?

2 Answers

Your son needs to see a physician trained in asthma treatment which could be his pediatrician, a pulmonary doctor or allergist for children. He will need a bronchodilator (such as Albuterol) to use when his asthma is causing coughing or wheezing and also one or two "maintenance" meds given daily year round to prevent coughing and wheezing and to allow the inflammation of his lungs to heal.
He needs to be managed by a doctor who is seeing him. Avoid triggers such as smoke candles and vapors. IF he is coughing daily, he needs to be on daily medication and have albuterol to rescue if he gets sudden breathing problems.