Nephrologist (Kidney Specialist) Questions Urine Problems

Can excessive urination be a sign of a kidney problem?

I have been passing excess urine. Could this be a sign of a kidney problem?

5 Answers

Yes get some lab work now
Perhaps. It is a good idea to have your kidneys checked by your doctor including a basic metabolic profile and urinalysis.
The urinary frequency is not pathological kidney problems, but shows low kidney function, usually associated with chronic fatigue, allergy, and miscarriage.
Depends on the volume and frequency. If it is a large volume that you urinate frequently, then there are some diseases like diabetes insipidus and also diabetes mellitis that may be a cause. Otherwise, if you are urinating frequently, but small volumes, then prostate issues or urinary outlet obstruction can be a problem.

Excessive urine output is not a sign of kidney disease but may indicate a type of diabetes. I recommend following up with your primary care physician. Thank You.