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Can I visit a chiropractor to get my sinuses drained?

I have been suffering from a sinus problem ever since I moved to my new city of residence. Can I visit a chiropractor to help in draining my sinuses completely?

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Although chiropractic treatments are not known for their ability to fully drain sinuses, there are techniques that significantly assist with reducing congestion.
Chiropractic care can help manage your sinus issues along with other modalities we suggest to our patients. Read our blog to learn more: Thanks for reaching out!
Hi there, thanks for the question. Yes, I would call ahead of time and confirm that the doctor you are scheduling with knows how to do this - not all chiropractors are familiar with draining sinuses.

Dr. Morales, D.C.
Yes, some chiropractors are trained in Nasal Specific, a technique used to treat snoring, sleep apnea, sinus issues, concussion, etc. I have been performing nasal specific for 24 years and have seen outstanding results over time. I have attached the link to an article about this treatment:


Dr. Martin
Not all chiropractors drain sinuses. Make sure to call around to different clinics to find one that would be able to help you.
I have personally seen better results with acupuncture for sinus issues, though there are things a chiropractor can help with as well. Try to find someone who does both.
Yes you can. Search for a Chiropractor who offers cranial therapy.
Thank you for your question.
Moving to a new city can be difficult on the sinuses. Chiropractic can be helpful by allowing the neck and related musculature to move and function correctly, thus allowing the sinuses to drain better. If you are wanting your sinuses drained, it is best to see an Ears, Nose, and Throat (ENT) doctor.
For long-term relief, go to your local farmers market and grab some raw honeycomb (sometimes grocery stores have them) and chew on a piece of it like gum daily for a few months. This will help your body be exposed to a small quantity of the allergens that are present in your area (make sure the honey is from within 15 miles of your house) and allow you build up a resistance to them.
A chiropractor does not aim to treat sinuses, however I have adjusted many patients who have related that their sinuses drained shortly thereafter. It's worth a shot.

A chiropractor can adjust the upper neck to help with this, but won't drain the sinuses directly.
Some chiropractors have methods to help with sinus and lymphatic drainage. When consulting with your local chiropractor, they will be able to discuss treatment options to find one that suits your individual needs.
No sorry.
Yes and no. if it is a chiropractic problem, yes, if it is an environmental problem no.
Yes, if the chiropractor has cold laser in the office, by applying cold laser over the sinuses it will facilitate the drainage.
I don't know your city of residence. Depends on your state laws, what a chiropractor can do in your state or the chiropractor's scope of practice. I myself do not do this for my patients. We might discuss this and I might advise to do this at home or seek another healthcare specialist. I would assume a naturopathic doctor might do this!
Chiropractors can do adjustments to the upper cervical spine in which the nerve that controls many of the functions of the sinus lies. If you look up the Meric Chart in google, this is page taken right out of Gray's Anatomy and shows the spinal levels and the areas of the body that are effected by the spinal nerves as they leave. This would be a great idea to try in order to get your sinuses to drain better.
Most certainly
We help many patients with this condition
Yes. Many of the nerves that control the functions of the body are found inside the skull and around the face. When proper alignment is restored to the spine and the nervous system, then the body can focus on healing.
There are Chiropractors who specialize in sinus manipulations. They have some techniques that use a small balloon and insert in your sinus cavity. Look for someone who has had the training.
Some people report improved sinus drainage following chiropractic adjustments.
Chiropractic care can help the sinus to drain, however, chiropractors do not perform invasive procedures that can actually go into the sinus to drain them, they can only help promote the body's ability to do this.
Yes. Sinus cavities and lymph drainage ro upper and lower body extremities is a technique that chiropractor can do. I usually end with adjusting the ears as well. To open up the inner ear canal.