Emergency Physician (Pediatric) Questions Dehydration

What is the quick way to treat vomiting in small kids?

My daughter was vomiting throughout the day and the first thing that I thought of was to rush her to the ER because it was so much. They were able to help and give her fluids (it was from dehydration). Is there anything I can at home to treat vomiting better and quicker?

1 Answer

That is a great question. If your child vomits only once or twice and feels better afterwards, my suggestion is to slowly introduce fluids, and keep him/her hydrated. However, if your child vomits multiple times, there are many serious causes for this vomiting and it is important that he/she is evaluated in the emergency department. Also, the age is a big factor: Younger children can become dehydrated much faster than older children, so IV fluids are imperative.

You did the right thing in taking your daughter to the ER.


Michelle K. Arzubi-Hughes, D.O., FAAP