Chiropractor Questions Muscle Disorders

I have slight weakness in my muscles along with pain in the forearms. What could this be?

I am 42 years old and since last month I am experiencing muscle weakness along with slight pain on my left hand side. What could be the reason for this pain?

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It could range from a tight muscle to a disc herniation. I would consult a chiropractor for these symptoms first.
There are many possible causes for this pain. Consult a Chiropractor is your area for an examination to more effectively identify the cause.
Thank you for the question.
Pain on one side of the body, especially the arms, is very commonly caused by a problem in back and neck. When muscles and joints in the upper back and neck are not working properly, the resulting dysfunction can cause pain and weakness in the arm. The specific location of the dysfunction depends on where in the back the problem comes from.
Another common cause of forearm pain and weakness is tennis elbow if it is on the outside of the elbow to the hands. Here is our youtube channel, I will be doing a video on forearm pain.
Most likely nerve-related dysfunction. Could be coming from the neck. I would see a chiropractor that can x-ray the neck and assess your spine. If that isn't conclusive, check with a neurologist.
From nerves to circulation could be the cause. An exam is in order.
Nerve impingement
I would think initially you have some type of impingement on a nerve root coming from your lower neck. Without a more detailed history or examination and possible X-rays of the neck, could possibly help to determine the cause. I would seek your chiropractor or find one that is recommended. We deal with this on a daily basis. Once a cause is found, a treatment plan can be set up. Time can vary from a few visits to a number of months, depending on previous injuries to the area, degeneration in the area, activities that might aggravate it, and work or home activities of daily living.
Pain in the forearms with associated weakness could be a repetitive-use injury like tennis elbow or golfer's elbow. Although rare, it could also be a nerve impingement at the elbow or thoracic outlet syndrome. However, if you cannot pinpoint a reason why this would be due to activity, I would suggest seeing an orthopedist to have X-rays done. It could be a disc problem in your neck at C5/C6 and C6/C7, as they are the most common areas affected. This, unfortunately, is what I would consider most likely to be causing the problem. And if that is the case, I suggest seeing someone who does cervical traction, along with either joint mobilization or chiropractic adjustments.
It might and this could be something very minor or major. I would highly recommend a proper spinal exam to diagnose it properly and treat it accordingly. Call us at 303-757-7272, if you want us to treat you
First, any serious heart conditions should be ruled out! Afterwards, then, you should have your spine checked by a professional. You can call me if you have any other questions at 516-797-8888.
It sounds like you have a pinched nerve in your neck, but an evaluation by a chiropractor will be able to identify the problem.
Weakness and pain in the forearms may be due to the impingement of a nerve along a chain that runs from your neck down to your arm. The tricky part is finding out where the pinch in the nerve is and what is causing the pinch. Some common conditions that can cause weakness and pain can be a cervical spine herniated disc, a tumor in or around the cervical spine, thoracic outlet syndrome, shoulder impingement, cubital tunnel syndrome, or carpal tunnel syndrome. I recommend seeing a physician to get a solid diagnosis and find out where that nerve is being pinched.
There can be pressure that is being placed on the nerves that are going along the left hand. Many times tight muscles or misalignments can place these pressures on to the nerves in the nervous system.
It depends on if the symptoms are only in your arms or the whole left side of the body. Whole body weakness can be due to taking medications such as statin drugs for cholesterol. A proper exam is necessary to determine what the cause is.
I would like to first ask you some questions: Exactly which muscles do you feel a loss of strength? Do you sleep on that side? Any accidents or injuries? Do you carry a briefcase or bag on that side? You need to rule out a disc injury from the neck; I would do an exam from the neck to the finger tips, looking for loss of motor or sensory. Then look at an X-ray if you have one. Do you have pain at the elbow joint? It might be as simple as needing your elbow and neck adjusted and a better sleep position. Find a Chiropractor in your local area if the pain continues. Better to take care of it now before it becomes a bigger problem.
Could be a variety of issues: Cervical Subluxations (mis-aligned vertebrae in your neck), or hyper tonic muscles entrapping the neuro-vascular bundle. Your best bet is to see a good local doctor of Chiropractic. You may need to be adjusted, may need some soft tissue work and appropriate nutritional support with magnesium, water, essential fatty acids, etc.

Dr Krutulis
You have a misaligned vertebra in your neck which is causing a pinching of the nerves

Lots of things cause this pain, such as heart problems, lung problems, diabetic high blood pressure condition, drug side effect problems, fatigue, sprain, strain, and others. Please see a chiropractor or any primary doctor for a consultation, and as for me, I would direct you immediately to consult a cardiologist surgeon for an EKG, ultrasound, and catheterization, which will probably solve your problem.
There are a lot of reasons I need to know more about this problem of weakness. It can be just a muscular or nerve injury; I can't tell without an evaluation. For me, it looks like muscle fatigue and tendinitis. I will need more details for a correct diagnosis.