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My mother is suddenly complaining of muscle twitching. What testing would you recommend for her?

My mother is 72 years old and is all of a sudden complaining of muscle twitching especially in her hands and fingers. What are the tests we should perform to diagnose the exact problem?

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Muscle twitch may be due to multiple causes such as muscle jerk also called myoclonus. This needs to be evaluated by a neurologist with experience in neuromuscular diseases. Sometimes this can be a sign of a degenerative brain disorder. I recommend a neurological consult.


Mohammad Reza Bolouri, MD
Recommend getting your mom into her primary care doctor as there are many causes of muscular twitching that may or may not have a neurological cause. The article below is just a starter on what might cause her issues. Again, have her PCP become the medical navigator for this issue.

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Have her see a Neurologist and they will order the appropriate evaluative testing. This could be testing her autonomic nervous system, MRI's, EMGs, etc. It depends on her history and any past/recent injuries.
Your primary care physician will probably want to refer you to a neurologist, labs, and/or diagnostics testing.