Naturopathic Physician Questions Mononucleosis

What are the best natural remedies for mononucleosis?

My 12-year old daughter has mononucleosis and she is using medications. I'm wondering what the best natural remedies she can use to relieve the symptoms?

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Mono is caused by Epstein Barr Virus and this is a permanent virus that can keep coming back and causing flare up symptoms of brain fog, fatigue, depressions, weakness, etc. There is no cure for this virus, however are ways to manage. I recommend taking your daughter to an ND to be further evaluated.
There are many helpful and effective natural remedies used for the EBV virus that causes mono. Many medications used for mono have lingering side effects. The best thing to do is to set up an appointment with a licensed Naturopathic physician in person or via telemedicine for you and your daughter to go over your case. This is because the symptoms (many hidden) and thier side effects can have a long term detrimental outcome if not managed early on. We are a leading authority on the EBV virus and thier symptoms and long term outcomes. Feel free to call us at your earliest convenience at 844-384-3336 to set up an appointment for us to help with your daughter's heeling process.
Often the best natural treatments for mono are things you can only get through a naturopathic doctor. They don't sell them over the counter or on Amazon. The best recommendation would be to see a local naturopath or one who can treat your daughter via telehealth as my team can.
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Mononucleosis is a combination of 3 viruses that tend to inhabit the thyroid gland. Homeopathy and support of the thyroid gland though nutrition normally resolve the issue. If not resolved, these viruses can stay in the body for years. One of these viruses is commonly involved in autoimmunity so it is important to get resolution as quickly as possible.
Homotoxycology, detox, nutrition, homeopathy, and supplements.
What medications did they give her? Mono is a Virus. In Naturopathic Medicine we believe every disease comes from a deficiency in the Gut. So treat the gut and watch the Mono disappear...
Natural antivirals (i.e., melissa, licorice, sambucus, echinacea, garlic), lots of antioxidants, increasing immune support. Please talk to a naturopathic physician who is trained in botanical medicine, homeopathic remedies, and other alternative/holistic approaches to help your daughter get the best care. This will also help to ensure that her whole health is assessed and to minimize any interactions with any remedies provided.