Addiction Medicine Specialist Questions Flakka

What are some signs that someone is using flakka?

My son has been acting very strangely. Around me, I noticed that he has been experiencing hallucinations and violent behavior. And all of this happened suddenly. Are these signs that he's on some sort of drug, like flakka?

1 Answer

Flakka is one of the synthetic stimulants and a cathinone (“bath salts”). Alpha-PVP produces a rush of dopamine in the brain, causing an intense high similar to that of cocaine and methamphetamine. Flakka enhances energy, alertness, and mood. But it can also cause agitated delirium and sometimes results in psychiatric hospitalization. Symptoms (effects) can occur within 5-15 min after use and last three to six hours. Effects include, but are not limited to:

-Profuse sweating
-Extreme agitation
-Panic attacks
-Severe hallucinations
-Slurred speech
-High body temperature